Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hangin with the cousins.

Thanksgiving Fun...
We went to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with Nathan's Aunts, Uncles, etc. It's always alot of fun. On the way we stopped in Branson and at Bass Pro. We stay with his uncle Mark and Aunt Lita (who is seriously the world's best cook) and this year was especially fun b/c our little 2nd cousins Ashley and Angelica also stayed there with us. They are the two most beautiful little girls and Kaleigh had a lot of fun with them. On Thanksgiving day there were about 40 of us and we all saw Grandma Statton. On Friday everyone got a kick out of watching Nathan and I watch the Arkansas/LSU game, each rooting for different teams. Friday night we went to a community theater called the stained glass theater, which is always a fun tradition, and Saturday on the way back we stopped at Branson Landing. I loved it, especially this time of year. They were playing Christmas music for the fountains and the weather was gorgeous. We let Kaleigh walk around and she was squealing and having such a good time, and so cute, we thought people were about to start throwing money at her!