Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanksgiving & more...

We've been busy as usual, no news there. We headed up to Missouri for Thanksgiving and had a fun time as usual. Traveling went okay, although not great. Kaleigh rode with Nathan's parents but we had the 3 little ones. Avery had a diaper blowout on the way there that was so bad we ended up just throwing her pants away!

The kids had soo much fun and Emory was very popular, even though she was a cranky pants.:) Or so we thought. Later we figured out that she was sick and obviously not feeling well. The twins got plenty of attention and loved it! We love seeing the family and catching up with everyone and of course ate tons of great food.

Kaleigh and the other kids were riding these bikes around in the basement. She has gotten where she loves riding her trike at home and gets that same look of intense concentration like she has in this picture. When she gets too serious I start singing the wicked witch song from the Wizard of Oz to make her giggle.

Since we've been back, Nathan's started working on insulating the basement, we went to the circus last night (so much fun) and had his work Christmas party and our Sunday School Christmas party today.

Oh, and I did get my free Christmas cards. They should be here soon. I did manage to make them, but whether they actually get distributed is a whole other story... At the very least I will post one on here!