Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Sunday

I couldn't think of anything more descriptive to title this post than "Busy Sunday". Sundays are crazy anyway, getting all 4 little ones ready to go & then getting home, fixing & eating lunch, putting kids down for naps then waking them in time to be back at 5:00 for children's choir & bible studies, home at 8:00, supper then bed (for the kids).

This Sunday Kaleigh also had a birthday party to go to for her friend Maddie and her choir was singing in church for the first time!

The party was at a riding school and she got to ride a horse. I was so proud of her. It only took a little coaxing :) They look so little on those huge horses.

We barely got home in time to change & go back to church. She did so great singing in the choir. I'm glad she's not shy & I hope it will stay that way. I was always so timid about doing things in front of people and I just hate for my kids to have to deal with that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Our church had a Mommy & Me playdate to a local pumpkin patch today. It's called Mary's Place or Mary's pumpkin patch. I highly recommend it. They have a little petting zoo, tractor trikes, a swingset, a bouncy castle, a hayride, a treehouse, and a maze. And lots of little photo spots! Nathan's mom came along and helped with the kids.
Alexis really like looking at the animals. She even scared the little baby sheep b/c she was so excited and squealing!
Kaleigh had the most fun in the bouncy castle and just playing with her friends.
Alexis makes a cute sheep, don't you think?
Emory saw this adorable little cow and wanted to give her a kiss! I don't blame her, do you? Avery loved it!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Emory - 8 months!

I never did a 7 month post for Emory and she has changed a lot since 6 months! This girl is m.o.b.i.l.e. Much more so than any of our others. Here's a "time line" of recent developments:

  • 6 1/2 months - started crawling, sitting pretty well & getting back into a sitting position'
  • 7 months - pulling up, crawling really well, started saying "da-da"
  • 7 1/2 months - perfecting pulling up skills
  • 8 months - cutting two teeth on bottom & maybe more! She's fussy so I hope they come quick
  • also - shakes her head from side to side, seems like "no" when she's done eating; has started doing her hand like a wave, not on command or anything; babbles quite a few more other sounds like na-na, la-la, ga-ga, & still likes her vowels a lot.

Emory is so determined. I can see in her eyes when she spots something that she wants and starts to go after it, nothing is going to deter her! She's my little Roomba right now. That girl will find every little speck on the floor and pick it up & put it in her mouth. Then she gags on it and spits up. I'll be glad when she's walking, at least she'll be further from the floor! She's so cute right now though, just follows me & her sisters around the house. She'll crawl on us if we are on the floor. Avery & Alexis get a little annoyed with her sometimes but they are still so sweet to her. She takes about 4 bottles a day and usually eats 3 times a day but we can get by with 2. Her legs are still chubby & adorable! She can almost wear 12 month clothes but is really in 6-9 month right now.