Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ode to Dad on his 60th Birthday


Many, many years ago
in the good ole days of polio,
when Clint Eastwood was just a lad,
A man was born who I call Dad.

Your parents called you Michael Pete,
what your sisters called you I shan't repeat.
I don't really know what you were like as a boy
I'm sure you would say that you were a joy.

You were living your life all hunky dory,
then comes a good part of this story.
You joined the army to make your way,
God brought this little lady & you married her straightaway.

Ya'll had one kid & he was alright,
The next one, well - what a delight!
Another fateful day, God said "don't squack"
But I want you to lead my flock.

So you went on to become a preacher,
from South Louisiana - an unusual creature.
Around that time our family grew again
with the addition of Kelly Lynn.

Now many years later those kids are grown
Living out in the world on our own.
You're a Papaw now and a good one at that.
You run in the morning so you don't get fat.

Dear old Dad you're just so funny.
You like to collect toys and money.
You can tell a good story and have us all rollin,
but you're accident prone so we don't take you bowlin.

You love your family & we love you too.
The girls love their Papaw & eating your fruit.
We're so thankful for you & the life that you've had,
I look forward to many more years with Dear old Dad!