Thursday, April 22, 2010


Several of my friends have gone to see Disney on Ice in the past and talked about how great it was, so I decided this would be a good year to take Kaleigh. It really was magical. I loved it and I just sat there watching with a big grin on my face the whole time. Kaleigh was pretty much entranced. Here favorite part, of course, was the princess' ball! That was probably my favorite, too because the couples skated to all the sweet love songs. I also liked this "around the world" segment where Mickey & Minnie celebrate in China, Japan, Hawaii, Brazil & New Orleans. Next year I want to take the whole family.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Move Over, Bob the Builder - Here Comes Nathan!

Nathan started working on redoing our deck. It wasn't built properly and we also need it to be bigger. Our patio table and chairs don't even fit on it. And since it will be pretty much the only level spot in the yard we figure we'll go all out. I know we will use it and enjoy it. He's also going to gate the stairs for days when I want to take the kids out but the yard may be wet, or whatever.

He also got our swingset back and put it up last week. It was Avery and Alexis' first time in the swings. They loved it! Avery loved it so much, in fact, that she threw an "all out, legs kicking, arms flailing, screaming, throwing herself on the ground tantrum" when we took her out of the swing. While Nathan was working on the deck she stood with her nosed pressed against the back door going "wee, wee, wee".

Here's what the deck looked like before:

And here are some pictures in progress. Nathan is trying to keep the frame so at least he won't have to redo that part, just the add on. It is tiring for him and me to have him do a project like this, but I know it will be worth it in the long run. I just keep imagining myself in a lawn chair relaxing in the sun!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All about Emory - 10 Weeks!

It's hard to believe Emory is 10 weeks already. Some people are surprised to know that the days just fly by for me, but right now they do.

Here is some of what she's doing:
  • She started smiling right around 7 weeks. She smiles now when someone talks to her, as long as she's not hungry.
  • She also will "talk" to us when we talk to her.
  • She is the best little baby and usually only cries when she is hungry.
  • At her two month doctor visit she was 10 lbs, 3 oz and 21 &1/2 inches. She was 5o% for everything.
  • Sleeps in her swing, her bouncer or swaddled in the bassinet.
  • Is staying awake longer now and will just sit in the bouncer or swing and look around.
  • Doesn't like tummy time but is good at lifting her head.
  • Has rolled from belly to back a few times but not consistently.
  • She's a once a day pooper! This is nice since the twins are about 5 a day each.
  • Her nicknames are Em, E, & EmmaRoo
  • Not really on a schedule - takes 4 oz (I think she needs more) every 2 -3 hours during the day and naps in between most bottles.
  • Night time! - Slept through the night Sunday night! Talk about wonderful. This is a record for our family. Kaleigh was 10 weeks and the twins were at least 6 months. She slept from 10 to almost 7 and has done it two more times since. Of course I still had to get up and pump but I shouldn't have to for much longer.
I think that's about all. We're enjoying her. Kaleigh loves to hold her and talk to her. She tells her "when you grow up you're going to be our sister". HA! Avery and Alexis give her kisses and love to run their fingers through her hair. Nathan loves cuddling her and giving her tons of kisses too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Picture's Worth a thousand words (Which saves me a lot of time!)

This is the view of our backset now! Me and Nathan like to say that there's a lot of cuteness back there! It's fun to look in the rear view mirror and watch them. Kaleigh likes having here sisters next to her and I think they enjoy being able to see a lot more.

Me and Nathan went to a wedding not too long ago. It was a nice date night for us. They had dancing at the reception and we partied and stayed out till 10 o'clock!

Kaleigh spent the night with her friend Sara recently and I picked her up and took them to Chuck E Cheese for a little while the next day.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Celebration

We started celebrating Easter Friday night by going to "The Kingdom" at our church. It is a production of the Life of Christ they put on every other year and it is amazing. We brought Kaleigh to it this year and she really liked it but I think she's still a couple of years away from really understanding it all.
Saturday morning we had Easter brunch with Nana & Pop
pa (Nathan's parents). We had a wonderful meal then the kids did an Easter egg hunt and we took lots of pictures. Kaleigh is good at hunting eggs but the twins didn't quite get it! They would step over the eggs at first and just kept wandering off. Once they did get into it, they did pretty well. Avery would put it in the basket they say "good job!" After that the kids played on the trampoline - one of Kaleigh's favorite things to do with Poppa.

That afternoon we went to Bearden to stay with my parents. We hadn't been there in a while. My mom cooked some good food and we had great worship on Sunday and then another fun Easter egg hunt. Avery & Alexis were a little better at that one. We layed around outside for a while enjoying the beautiful weather and each other's company.