Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anyone out there still reading? - I realize it's been over 2 months since my last blog. I won't even try to catch up with pictures, but here's what we've done - weekend getaway with Nathan's best friends from Magnolia & their wives, my first ever reunion w/ college friends in Hot Springs, New carpet for the house, my cousin's wedding in Lake Charles, another friend's wedding in Memphis, get togethers with friends and even a very fun slumber party, going out on the lake in my father-in-law's new boat, and having friends visit from out of town.

A little about Kaleigh - she can count to 10 now, just don't ask her to do it on command! She no longer uses bad words, she can now pronounce "fork" better than I can with about 4 syllables. She calls me Shelly all the time instead of mommy and is now putting lots of words together. For example, she walked in the kitchen last week with her finger held out and said "Gross, booger, you see it?" Sure enough, there on the end of her finger...

One funny story (at least it was to me). We were on Joe's boat last weekend and Joe took off. I didn't have a good hold on Kaleigh and she fell forward and hit her face on the boat. She was really crying hard and I was looking closely to see if anything was bleeding or cut. I couldn't tell if she had hit her nose or her mouth and I was asking her "Kaleigh, what hurts? What's the matter?" Her wailed response - "my craaackerrrrr" So I looked down and yes, there is her dropped cracker on the floor of the boat. As soon as I handed it to her, she stopped crying.