Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happenings & pictures

We've had a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend we went camping - well, not really. We did go out to DeGray with Nathan's family. Timothy and Kayla got engaged! Timothy had organized a party out at the campsite with both families after he proposed.

We had a good Thanksgiving with our family. A lot to be thankful for this year...

Yesterday we went to the football game. You know the one I mean. My dad had some tickets and he let us have them. We knew that way at least one of us would leave happy. It was a really good game either way. I was just glad when it was over. It had gotten so cold out there. It was fun though, except I always seem to end up sitting in front of an obnoxious fan. This time it was a very unladylike woman who was screaming about everything and calling the refs names, etc. It wasn't enough just to cheer for the Hogs, she had to badmouth LSU every time they were on the field. I was pretty quiet the whole time, just because it would not surprise me if she poured coke in my seat or something (which happened to us 4 years ago).

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Family Pictures

Getting a good family picture is not going to be quite as easy as it used to be (and it was never easy!) But the experience is always a good memory in and of itself. Avery and Alexis were more than 4 weeks old and we realized that we didn't have any pictures yet of our whole family together, so we had a little photo shoot. Here goes. . .

This one was okay, except for Nathan's "I'm not ready" look, Alexis's "no pictures please" pose, and Kaleigh's "I'm still talking" thing. Oh, and the angle that makes our legs look really out of proportion.

Kaleigh mid sneeze. No need to elaborate.

After many other outtakes...
We finally got one we like, still not exactly perfect, but that will probably be the theme in our family for a while.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Living Again!
I got to go to Bunko for the 1st time in months. It happened to be costume bunko so I borrowed a dress from Kristen and went as a Chinese geisha. Everyone looked so cute.
I even won a prize for best overall costume.

On Sunday, Kaleigh went to Maddie's Pinkalicious birthday party. It was such a cute theme for a little girl. They got to paint ceramic cupcakes and decorate real cupcakes, color, and eat snacks. Kaleigh was so funny because she was still picking at her snacks long after everyone else had finished.

Okay, so our family doesn't officially celebrate Halloween, but we did have a lot of activities. Thursday night Nathan and I took Kaleigh to a free festival in Benton. They had little carnival games, inflatables, free funnel cakes, and a concert by Sean Michel. We had a good time, but my night was made when I ran into the girl who does storytime at the Benton library. She didn't know what had become of us since I've been on bed rest, and was excited to hear about the babies, but I was excited to hear that she is pregnant with twins!

Friday, Kaleigh went to the nursing home for lunch to visit with GG and they also had a little carnival. Of course all the residents enjoyed seeing Kaleigh. GG looked so cute as Little Bo Peep with sheep all around her.

That evening we dressed up our two little pumpkins and took our little strawberry trick or treating around the neighborhood. Kaleigh was such a little diva riding in her wagon then walking a few feet to ring the doorbell and get some candy.

After that we went to GSFest where Kaleigh got to ride the train and go down the inflatable slide a few times. I would have liked to ride some rides but didn't feel like standing in the long lines. So funny as a parent that your idea of fun is just centered around whether your child is having a good time. Kaleigh had the most fun playing on the playground that she can play on any time! Go figure.

This was random, but on the way out we ran into these two friends, and I thought it was funny that we are all Shelley, Shelli, and Shelly so we had to take a picture.