Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emory. Oh Emory!

Well, our "baby" Emory is three. How can this be? We love this little girl to pieces. She may not be a baby anymore but she will always be our baby of the family. She wears the role of youngest to the fullest! She came into life ready for the party! She's social, outgoing, and loves the spotlight. She loves to have ALL Mommy's attention if possible (not usually possible) and pasttimes include getting into messes and tormenting her sisters for fun. :)

I've written down a few of her quotes over the past year. So many more that I didn't get, but just know that you never know what will come out of this funny girl's mouth!

This is called "mine"!

Us: Emory, you're cute.
E: I'm not cute, I'm a crazy woman!

Me: Hey Pookie.
E: Yes. I DO want a cookie.

E: Mommy, Avery pokded me.
Av: I didn't poke you Emory, I poinked you.
E: Oh. Mommy! Avery poinkded me!

Her favorite quote: I'm gonna tell you a secret. It's not gonna be a really funny one, it's gonna be a pretty one. (Breathy whispers in our ear) - Tomorrow - can we for for a walk at the playground?

My fave quote: I love you, mommy :)