Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm reviving the blog - at least I hope to. No promises. I've struggled with starting back because after so much time it felt like I needed to have something amazing to throw at the world (that means the five people who are reading this). And then after more time, it needed to be even more amazing and well, you get the picture...

So this post is going to be pretty ordinary. I've gotta ease in somehow. I feel like I've been trying lots of new things lately. Nothing big or all that interesting but it's still fun to try new stuff and its really fun when it works out.

I helped host a baby shower today. I haven't done that in a while. Our Sunday School class is good at the "fruitful and multiplying" thing y'all. We do a lot of simpler options for subsequent children but the first ones get an all out shower. It's a good excuse to get yummy food, leave the kids at home and hang out with the gals. Oh and terrify the sweet mother-to-be with scary birth stories and tales of water breaking in embarrassing places, the horrors of nursing, etc... They are so blessed to have us...
Isn't this the cutest cake you've ever seen?!
 So my sweet friend Sara tricked me into suggested someone make these paper peonies that her mother had made for a shower once. I mean they really are pretty. And they're not even hard to make. It's just that her mom either forgot to mention that they take about 72 hours each or she doesn't really like me. I'm hoping its the former. It's also possible that I'm slightly incompetent and they really could've gone quicker. Anyhow, they turned out super pretty and were kinda fun to make so no biggie. I added some pink ones that I let the girls paint with kool-aid. Project:success!
Always - my helpers!