Saturday, June 30, 2012


As I said, we have been enjoying the library's fun summer activities. They recently had an Alice in Wonderland Tea party with games, crafts, and snacks. The girls had a great time!
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Alexis, Mad Hatter

Cheshire Cat Cookies

Tommy Terrific was at the library this past week. He is part magician/part comedian and all fun! We love to see him, this is the third year in a row, I think. I wasn't sure what the twins would think of him, they tend to scare easily, ha! But they enjoyed him, although Avery sat on my lap for most of it. 
Tommy Terrific Magic Show

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What We've Been Doing...

Creative title, huh? I can't believe over a month has gone by since I last posted! I did do a few things on facebook but I still want to keep my blog too. So here are some pics and descriptions of what we did in May.

Kaleigh had her Kindergarten program at school, "How does your garden grow?" She was a green pea. My friends were very concerned the Thursday night before the program when I hadn't started on her  costume! I had it all planned in my mind :) Anyway, Nitzia intervened and finished did most of the costume for me. She looked so cute, even though she still wanted to be one the flowers. She had a little speaking line and did great. Kaleigh had a wonderful Kindergarten year. I think her reading amazes me most of all. This summer we will continue reading and I want her to work on journaling and writing too. She is good at writing but takes a long time so she needs to practice doing it a little faster. I think she's just a perfectionist. She came home from school and pulled out a manila envelope and said "look, Mommy. It's nothing very good." I opened it and she said "homework". "They sent us homework to do this summer." LOL. So she will do her homework this summer too. I mean seriously it takes her all of 5 minutes to finish a day's worth, ha! I hate to see her reaction when she gets hours worth.

 I'm just going to post the rest in pictures with a few comments in between.

Nathan's fine catches on a weekend fishing trip with buddies

 We went on our annual trip to the zoo. That's all we normally go, just one time a year and it's enough! It was fun, Patti always helps me out but it was a little sad that this was the first year Kaleigh wasn't with us. I felt like a traitor :) .

Avery was in a mood...
Emory - chatting it up with the miniature pony! She'll talk to anyone or anything!

The one animal Alexis wanted to see at the zoo was a cow - so we found her cow!
Mother's Day picture with the girls and Nana
Berry Picking - And these girls were good!
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Enjoying the lake with friends on Memorial Weekend

We plan to participate in a lot of the library's activities this summer. They do all sorts of neat things and you can win prizes if you complete your goals. We would be reading anyway so it makes plenty of sense for us. My kids are slowly learning how to behave in the library. We've had to make several hasty departures b/c we stayed a little too long and they had run out of "good", ha!

We recently went to a Eric Carle party at the library. This was a family event for us. It was funny b/c I think half the people there were from our church. We played the games and entered a contest and Kaleigh won two tickets to Tinseltown! As you can see, Nathan had fun too.:)

Fun at the library!