Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Fest

Saturday was Bryant's annual Fall Fest. It started with a parade then would up at Mills Park where there were food booths, things for sale, businesses giving stuff away, singing & dance performances, small competitions, that sort of thing. I enjoy just walking around looking at everything & being outside.

The parade was probably the highlight for Kaleigh. Poor thing though - she takes after me way too much. Instead of just enjoying herself, I think she was just stressed the whole time about getting candy. And candy she did get!

We entered the babies in a baby crawl contest. There was only one other baby - and Avery & Alexis came in 2nd & 3rd! You do the math. They just decided not to move. Go figure! It was still cute anyway. Isn't that the point?

There was lots else to do & see.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh Boy - Another Girl!

We got our ultrasound on Wednesday, and surprise surprise it's another girl for us! I would have been shocked had it been a boy. I would love to have a boy but I know God has His reasons for giving us another girl and I'm fine with that. We were very happy to see that everything looked great and she was measuring right on schedule. I've started to gain more weight recently. I will try to post a belly shot soon. We've got a lot coming up - all the girls' birthdays and our trip to Houston for the Texas Children's Hospital reunion.

We do have a house - sort of... The papers are signed, and our closing date is the 30th, but only time will tell when it will actually happen. Things are already delayed with trying to get the electricity turned on for the inspection. Still, it's a great house and I will wait as patiently as possible. I can't wait until it's actually ours and we can get it fixed up & move in. I will put up before & after pics & probably be asking for some decorating advice!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Day in the Life

Avery & Alexis have gotten very mobile & mischev
ious. Things are rarely dull around here these days.
Alexis likes to
pull up on things and then cries when she can't get down.
Or when she lets go & falls on her bottom.

They are both crawling & exploring and many times end up stuck somewhere.

Avery has a funny face that she likes to make since we always laugh when she does it.
Don't be offended if she makes this face at you sometime.

And of course big sister Kaleigh is never far away from the craziness!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Home Wish List

Nathan and I have a couple of "must haves" for a new house -
  • at least 4 bedrooms or 3 with a room that could be a bedroom
  • a garage
  • a good backyard for the kids to play in
However, Kaleigh has quite a different kind of list -
  • A house with stairs - not on my list
  • It needs to be pink or purple - hopefully her room will suffice
  • A trampoline - maybe
  • A deck she can eat outside on - this sounds nice
  • lots of trees and if it doesn't have them "we can bring them and she will carry a small one".
  • A new baby in mommy's belly - I'm hoping she means the one already in there
  • A new Daddy - What?!!? I asked for clarification on this one. Are we talking about replacing our daddy? "No, we just need another one because we keep getting lots of babies and we need somebody else to help take care of them." (I love how she phrased that, like we keep going to Wal-Mart and bringing babies home or they just appear. She then told me she was just kidding about the new daddy.)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Officially Homeless with 3 kids & one on the way...

Okay, don't feel too sorry for us. We do have quite a comfortable place to stay, even if it's not ours. We were glad to officially sell the house today and get to really looking for a new one.

We wanted some family pictures in front of the house and waited until the last possible moment and took some this morning.

And lastly - this little bit of funniness. Kaleigh wanted to pray the other night for her friend Noah. So she started off her prayer "Dear God, thank you for Noah and for his best friend - Me!" It went on very appropriately, but I was smiling the whole time. She is an interesting little person.