Thursday, January 03, 2013

Reflection and Resolution

2012 was a pretty exciting year in our family. Nathan, Kaleigh and I took an awesome ski vacation with some great friends and Kaleigh skiied for the first time! We had lots and lots of fun with the girls, going places, making crafts (thanks, Pinterest!)... We took our first family vacation with everyone, finished out most of the basement, and Nathan started a new job! The twins started preschool and Kaleigh went to first grade. The little ones and I started Community Bible Study, which we all love.  I survived the year with my parents being far away and Nathan's mom working. Survived being a key word there... Overall, there were some downs, but many ups and it was a great year.

2012 resolutions - 
Nathan- spend more time w/girls one on one. ---- Didn't do so great but it has been hard, schedule wise. We will try again...
Shelly - work on photography & cut down on sugar ---- Not so good, and okay....
Kaleigh - she wanted to learn "to make snowballs". Wanted to get better at "Swimming", and her Biggest Goal was to "make ice cream with snow".- improved swimming a little, we never did get those lessons..., made ice cream and snowballs on December 26th - how's that for cutting it close!

2013 Resolutions
Nathan - Be more intentional (make more plans), become a better marksman, continue family dinners, one on one time w/girls
Shelly- Learn to can & make fermented vegetables, make my own yogurt, organize photos, learn to shoot
Kaleigh - go ice skating and roller skating, plant flowers, fruit trees & vegetables, learn to ride bike
Avery - play with toys :), learn to set the table
Alexis - diaper free at night
Emory - plant flowers, stop wetting pants, learn colors and shapes

In addition, as a family I hope we will all grow spiritually this year. Looking forward to seeing what it brings and I will try to keep you updated.