Monday, October 31, 2011

We love October - full of fun! Especially dressing up & getting candy.

But, we decided not to dress up this year.

Instead, the kids just went as themselves...

The Statton Circus!

Kaleigh the tightrope walker...

It truly is a circus!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Madness!

Three of our kids have had birthdays since I last blogged so I'm just going to try & catch up as best I can. In all, in less than one month's time we have 7 birthdays of close family members! On top of that, October always seems so busy anyway, doesn't it?

So anyway, I'll start with most recent & work backwards, I guess. Kaleigh is six! How is that possible? She's still the skinniest little thing, with long legs. She is getting taller, she's almost grown out of size 5 jeans and into 6 now. Speaking of jeans that's all she wants to wear now! A year or two ago it was only dresses! I look forward to seeing her styles change over the years.

Our beautiful six-year old!
She's doing great in school. She loves to write and draw and lately likes to write little stories. I took a picture of a sample of her work. The spelling is all hers :). I'm so proud of her b/c before she started school she never would have done this type of thing without knowing that it was all completely accurate. I'm glad that she is doing things on her own now.

It starts off saying "hello my terrific 17. We did go to computer lab. In lunch I had hamburger and peaches and french fries then I had recess then I had naptime then I left. The End"

We had her party and the twins' together. Really most of the twins' guests were siblings of her friends. I didn't invite her school friends this year but next year I think we will have to. The party was at church & I did a magic theme. My dad is a pastor & has done little magic tricks for a kids' sermon in the past & I asked him to do a few tricks. The older kids were really into it! Some of the tricks even had a biblical message!

The picture station made for some cute photos!

I made the cupcakes - so much easier than cake and fun to decorate. I made the fondant toppers myself, copying some I found online. It took some time, but I just sat down one night and worked on them while watching TV and it really wasn't hard at all. It was like playing with Play-do! The fondant stores well so it was something I could do ahead of time.

We were excited to have my parents & Lance & Kristin here for most of the week. It was a really fun time, still busy even though I tried to do as much of the "work" ahead as I could. I think it was the longest we've gone (1 1/2 months) without seeing my parents, but the shortest we've ever gone seeing my brother & sis-in-law.

Also just a sneak peek at the basement. Nathan's finally had a little time to work down there and we are making some progress. This is a look at the bathroom & closet.