Wednesday, July 04, 2012

 HAPPY 4th of JULY

Craft Time & Basement Progress

Happy Birthday, America!

We made some 4th of July crafts today - sand painting and Q-tip fireworks (thx Ashley & Pinterest). I'm always looking for anything to keep the gals busy for a little while and they do love to do crafts. I also tried to throw in a little lesson on the history of America. It was a little difficult cause History's not my strongest subject and I tried to find a globe to explain how America wanted independence from England which was across the ocean but Nathan hid the globe somewhere. Then Kaleigh wanted to know "how could the people in England be telling America what to do if they were all the way across the ocean?" I racked my brain but told her to ask her Daddy later...

We also got some sheetrock for the basement. And my that I mean we got sheetrock. And it's sitting in the basement up against the walls. But we are not putting it up ourselves so it shouldn't be long before it is actually up! I liked watching the truck deliver it. So did all the girls. Of course Nathan was a little worried about the truck pulling up in our yard. But you see the guy that was delivering the stuff? He was about 7 ft tall. I told him he could do anything he wanted! :) Kidding, he was very nice and with the ground being rock hard, they didn't mess it up at all. I couldn't care less about our yard right now, Im more concerned about the inside of our house :)

dressing up & posing
oh the things they find fun...
Lots of stuff going on this week but I'll try to keep ya "posted". Happy 4th of July!