Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Fun & A Day on the Town

My 30th birthday was Thursday. Nathan is already planning a weekend getaway to Hot Springs for next weekend and I thought that was the main celebration so we didn't have much planned for my actual birthday. Just dinner at home and I was going to get coffee with some of my friends who gave me some nice presents. Little did I know when I got back to the house there was a whole slew of people waiting for me! Many of my friends and family were there and we had cake and ice cream and snacks in the backyard. It was so nice and made me feel very special. Nathan did great!

My parents stayed in town until today and my dad wanted to go out to eat. Instead of just going to a restaurant we decided to enjoy our lovely city of Little Rock and the gorgeous weather. We went downtown to the RiverMarket and got some food and ate outside by the river. Then we shopped the market a little then walked along the river. They have really fixed up a great play area for kids! There is a huge slide and all these tunnels leading different ways, then rocks to climb back up. There is a "fountain" where water shoots up periodically from the ground. We watched some kids playing in the water and tried to get Kaleigh to run through but she wasn't having it! I would definitely like to go back and have her bring a bathing suit next time. We got some ice cream then went home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday Gretchen came over and did a photo shoot for us. It was the first time we've had anybody take family pictures, and of course she got tons of just the kids. She did a great job. There is a little preview here at her photography blog.
It was fun. The babies did great, much better than I expected. Kaleigh wasn't as "into it" as I would have expected, but she did good.
I love Gretchen's style. She just captures the essence of people. Poor Nathan had a root canal yesterday morning. Please pray for him, they weren't able to finish and he has to go to a specialist tomorrow to get the rest of it done. Every time he goes back to the dentist we get more bad news (& spend lots of $$). He takes excellent care of his teeth, he just inherited "difficult" teeth.

Here are some Easter pictures. My Dad got this amazing basket from the high school in Bearden. They were doing a fund raiser and all the stuff was donated for the baskets. It had so many books in it and nice things. Kaleigh is wearing the Ariel gown that Lance & Kristin brought her from DisneyWorld. She loves it. And of course the family shot Easter day. Since it was pouring down rain we couldn't get the outside picture that I really wanted. It was a nice weekend.
Don't forget to look at our pictures on Gretchen's photography blog!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Post

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. Nobody warned me that twins at 6 months were harder than twins at 3 months?!? Here's just a little of what's been going on...

We got together with some of o
ur best friends. We always try to get certain pictures when we're together. The picture of the kids with Ben is just a fun tradition. We thought about trying to get ALL the kids in, but that probably wouldn't have worked! I love these people. We laugh so much when we're together. It's a little harder these days, but worth the trouble.

We had Maddie over to play with Kaleigh the other day. Those two are such sweet friends. They played great together and I loved listening to their little conversations. Look at the second picture what Maddie is wearing. Is that a match made in heaven or what?!

We've been selling a lot on ebay. We hit up a garage sale last Friday and found all sorts of interesting things to sell. The best so far was $3 camera lenses sold for $25 plus S&H. We may not get rich that way, but it's fun! I'm also in a dispute with someone that I bought from. I bought a PC game and it never came. He won't respond. I'm pretty sure he's scamming a bunch of people... Or maybe he just overdid it and I'm being cynical. We'll see. I actually called ebay on him though.

Funny Kaleigh story..
Nathan had been letting his facial hair grow for a while and finally shaved the other day (with some encouragement from me). Afterward he went into the LR where Kaleigh was and sat down next to her. He had his shirt off. He asked Kaleigh "Do you notice anything different about me?" She looked him over and finally said "I don't know." He said "I shaved the hair off my face". She thought for a second and looked at him again then said "Oh Daddy, did you put it on your arms?"