Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bathroom Redo...

Before you ask, yes, we are slightly crazy. Four precious energetic girls will do that to you. And two of them sick as well. So we decided that today needed to be the day that we redo our hall bathroom. Since we moved in all the rooms have been painted except the bathrooms. It was a mess! Lots of holes and just blah.

Well move over blah, cause mama got some seafoam green paint for this bathroom! When we woke up this morning and decided this needed to be the day, we had no paint and I'm just going off a picture of the world's greatest shower curtain that I found on ebay the night before. Besides my friend's ever so adorable Anthropologie shower curtain, but that costs more than this whole project so I'll settle for the world's second greatest shower curtain. Oh yes, it is bright, cheerful and so cute for four cute little girls and hopefully not too much for our visitors who will use that room.

So I got to the store and find the Oops paint and there it is - our beloved seafoam that we can't seem to get away from! It's really not my most favoritist color in the whole world even though it may seem that way since we've painted multiple rooms that color over the years, but it was the right kind of paint and I like the color and it matches the shower curtain (I think). So what're you gonna do?

Anyhow, between taking turns with the kids and their naps, and too much TV, we managed to get the bathroom painted. Oh sure, the toilet's in the tub but that's okay since most of the kids aren't potty trained anyway :) We should probably fix that before our company next weekend.

Sorry, no pics yet - I'm saving them for the end. Here are some totally unrelated pictures to tide you over...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Devotions & Dinner Time

Our church had this awesome idea to give us a daily devotional pamphlet to do at home during the week that goes along with the sermons on Sunday. Me in my oh so idealistic mind pictured us doing this nice little devotion at supper time while we were all seated around the table. The kids would be quietly listening, Kaleigh may even ask a few questions, Nathan and I could discuss the topic - maybe brainstorming ways we could help people. . . You know where this is going, right?

I had good reason to be optimistic. After all, Avery had just [loudly] voiced the world's best prayer just a few days before. DEAR GOD! THANK YOU POOD (food)! MOMMY DADDY! THANK YOU HOUSE! WUV OO JESUS! AMEN! I mean this girl is ready to delve deeper, or so I thought.

So as everyone is settling into their food I get out the devotion guide and start reading. I open the bible to the scripture passage and about one verse in - Kaleigh is persistently asking the same question for the 176th time even though we told her to wait, Alexis and Avery begin singing "If you're Happy & you know it" at the top of their lungs, and Emory is whining for more food. Nathan's not even listening, he's just telling me how futile this effort is and he and I should just do it on our own.

But I persist, until maybe the third verse and now I'm just yelling scripture. "TAKING THE FIVE LOAVES AND TWO FISH...

Yes, this is sadly, true. It was at this point that I decided to give up on Dinnertime Devotions. For now anyway. Maybe I could incorporate it into the meal by telling them that Jesus could make their green beans feed the whole neighborhood. Or not...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Photo Editing Fun

I posted some of these on facebook - I've been playing with some of my pics and editing some from over the years. Here are a few that I liked. Most of them I brightened and a few I added some "effects" to. The before picture is first and the after is second.

Emory's one year picture

Alexis outside recently

Kaleigh in the snow in January

Emory's 4 month picture

Emory's 6 month picture - yep, we just like her best, that's why we take so many of her!

Avery last May - doesn't she look good in spaghetti sauce?!