Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Louisiana Adventure

Last week I decided kinda at the last minute that we needed to go & visit my parents at their new house in Louisiana. I wanted to stay more than the weekend so Kaleigh and Nathan stayed home while I took the three littles. 

We had a good time. My Mom & Dad took us to play at a couple of parks. We had a picnic at one. Everyone at their new church oohed & aahed over the kids, especially Emory. 
Queens of the mountain!

We had a birthday celebration for Emory, since she will turn 2 soon but my parents won't be here for her actual birthday.   
Emory liked her purse but looked inside and said "there's nothing in there" :)

Very good at blowing out candles!

And in the end we had fun and were worn out!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our Family New Years Resolutions

I know many of you applauded my general laziness & lack of ambition on facebook when I said my resolutions were to clean my house & exercise once, read a book & organize my silverware drawer. Sorry if this disappoints, but I actually do have some real ones. I took a little time to think about it.

Nathan had a really good one. His resolution this year is to spend one on one time with each of our girls. He decided this after having to take Alexis to the Dr the day after Christmas. She had hurt her arm & it turned out she had nursemaid elbow. Her elbow had popped out of socket. She was fine and he took her to Chick-fil-A after and said he realized that he rarely spent alone time with her like that and it was nice.

Kaleigh filled out a little survey I found online. In 2012 she wants to learn "to make snowballs". Wants to get better at "Swimming", and her Biggest Goal is to "make ice cream with snow". I hope it snows here this year!

So I decided my resolution is to learn how to use our good camera and get better at taking pictures. Nathan is basically the photographer. I've managed to get a few good ones, usually just on automatic setting and basically from luck, but it's time I really learned the camera. I have progressed, I now know that A does not mean Automatic, but aperture. :) For my first lesson I'm focusing on Aperture. I didn't do too well, found out after that I should have changed lenses, but that was a learning experience too! I'll keep working on this for a while. I think most of what I did during my first "practice shoot" was wrong, but I feel like I learned a little bit. I did get some cute shots though!

My 2nd resolution is to eat less sugar. I was reading on all the harmful effects of sugar and I know it will only help to cut back. That's kind of vague but I'm going to make a conscious effort to think through my choices. Not to say I won't celebrate with sweets on special occasions!