Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Update

We've officially moved out of our house and are now living with Nathan's parents. We don't actually have to be out until the 29th, but we set moving day for yesterday. We had a lot of great help from some friends & family. Thanks guys! Now we just have a bunch of odds & ends to get out. Thankfully the appraisal & inspections went fine, so things should continue smoothly.

We found a house we really like & made an offer, but of course it's not a simple situation. It's in a short-sale, which is kind of pre-foreclosure. We heard nothing on the offer. Not a yes or a no or a counter. Somewhat frustrating b/c until we have closure on this house we probably won't find anything we like better for the price. We took Kaleigh to see the house & asked her if she liked it. She said yes and we asked her how much we should pay for it. She said "Hmmm, I think maybe 3 dollars". Then she said she would give us the $3 out of her piggy bank. Isn't that sweet?

Then yesterday we had the funniest conversation where she informed me that she doesn't want to move, she likes our house. Then she said "Okay, we can move. But we have to get a house with stairs". And if it's ugly we can paint it pink and purple so it will be pretty. I'm thinking we probably won't let her decorate for us!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We are so glad that God allowed our house to sell in such a short amount of time. That can be a stressful & trying ordeal & we were spared much of that. Thank you all for praying for us. Now we are looking for a new place to live & trying to make the best decision in that regard.

We have looked at a few houses. Some were absolutely awful but we did find some we really like. In typical Nathan/Shelly fashion, I'm ready to buy one today, and Nathan wants to think about it and look some more and keeps thinking of things wrong with them... This could indeed be fun.

We will miss our sweet little house. It was our first home together and the only house our children have ever been in. I did tell Nathan a while back that we needed to move b/c I had bad associations after my bedrest here, but now I will be leaving with good memories.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't you just love it when the forces of nature conspire against you to make things difficult? I'm working on something I needed to get done today, and it looked easy to start with. A list of information. 6 things...
  1. my due date
  2. Copy of my last bank statement
  3. Mileage & Payoff of each vehicle
  4. copy of my ID
  5. copy of my birth certificate
  6. Nathan's income for June & July
I looked at the list & it looked easy. I thought "this won't take more than 15 minutes to get it all together". Well the first thing was a little trickier than I thought. I needed something from the Doctor showing my due date. Turns out I have nothing. So, I'll come back to that one. #2 should be easy. I'll just print that off the computer. Then I remember the printer is not hooked up so that has to be done first. I'm already past my 15 minutes. I go in and print it out, but the ink is almost out. This complicates things. There goes #2, #4, &#5 until I can get more ink. 4 hours later I still have not one thing on the list. Don't worry, I haven't been working on it the whole time.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I have not been very good about blogging lately. We've definitely been busy trying to get our house on the market. Well, Nathan's been busy & I've just been tired. It was finally listed on Monday. I decided it would be easier to skip town with the kids than trying to keep the house clean with them there. Hopefully some good news on that soon, then it will be off on the search for a new house!

I'll try to keep up with things as much as possible, although it may get even crazier for a while. July was crammed full of activity. Me & Nathan's 7 year anniversary was last Monday! We went on a nice little date to the Flying Fish (I got crab legs, yummm) and the to see the Harry Potter movie.

Here are some random pictures. Kaleigh & Mimi made a pinata for her to break.
Alexis decided to rest on top of Avery one day.