Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have so many pictures to post. I'll have to do a few at a time to catch up. I keep thinking I'm going to blog more. It's one of those things that every day I think "I really need to do that today". Then the end of the day comes and it didn't get done. The other biggie right now is changing the sheets on my bed. It will get done, just not until it's really bad (we're getting there). What is it for you that you need to do but can't seem to get around to?
Enjoy the pictures...

We took Kaleigh ice skating and roller skating with the SS class a couple of weeks ago. We have more pics but for now, here is one of her "ice skating".

Avery & Alexis really like this little baby Einstein play gym. Kaleigh liked it too. Don't they just look like they are really contemplating something?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If You Want A Blessing...

I've become a blog stalker:) and it's the best way I've spent my time in a while. First, I joined in with the masses who are praying for baby Harper at Kelly's Korner. Her story is amazing, and now God is really doing something. There are hundreds of thousands of people praying for her new baby girl and she is just a normal person, nobody famous. She also happened to go to OBU.

From her blog yesterday I found Bring the Rain: A Different Miracle. Bring your tissues people, and be prepared to stay a while. This one is written by Angie, wife of Selah singer, Todd. It is the story of their youngest daughter, Audrey. I spent Sunday afternoon just reading this incredible, beautiful, heartbreaking story while listening to praise songs on pandora (thanks Kelly). I had tears just running down my face. If you are going through a tough time or have gone through a tough time or ever will go through rough times (you get it, right) you need to read this! On top of everything, she's hilarious and a great writer.

I love that God is using these blogs, not just so us housewives can feel less alone and have a place to vent, but to show His glory so amazingly. Without this avenue, we would never know about these stories.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free Stuff!
Those of you who know us at all know that me and Nathan love a good bargain. And you can't get better than free! Recently we have gotten tickets from channel 7 to see 2 different good movies, 7 pounds and Mall Cop. Plus, we got to see them before they even came out. We happened to be watching the news and saw that you could get the tickets, but radio stations also give these out too. We were also able to get a few extras and invite some friends. We will be on the lookout for more of these tickets and hopefully get around to "treating" all our friends to a free movie! The only drawback is you have to get to the theater pretty early b/c they overbook these screenings. It's fun watching a movie with a full theater though. We are really fortunate to have wonderful parents who are so great to watch our kids for us while we get to go out.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kaleigh's views on Birthmarks

This conversation took place today with Kaleigh regarding Alexis' birthmark, which is actually a strawberry hemangioma if you want to know details.

K (looking at baby): Mommy, is this Avery or Alexis?

Me: Does she have a birthmark? (I knew who it was, I just wanted her to look).
K: Yes, she has a birthmark. That's Alexis. Mommy, can I touch it?
Me: No, Kaleigh, don't touch it.
K: But mommy it looks just like a button.
Me: Laughing
K: Mommy, it's like a birthday party.
Me & Nathan: (Laughing more & not getting the connection) What?
K: BIRTHmark, BIRTHday

See how smart she is?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas "catch-up" blog.

I get overwhelmed when there is a lot to blog about and usually just end up not doing a blog at all or waiting a really long time. That's how it is with Christmas. We get so many pictures and are so busy that it takes a while to get around to writing about it. We had a really nice Christmas this year. Or should I say "Christmases". We did three different celebrations - our house, Nathan's parents, and my parents. I'm a purist about celebrating on or close to Christmas day, but it gets a little crazy trying to go from one place to another with all our presents. Kaleigh was a lot of fun this year. She got more into opening gifts, but she did still want to play with things. We didn't get her a whole lot and she didn't get anything big this year, but she got a lot of things that she likes, especially her Dora camera and lots of little Dora toys.
My favorite thing about Christmas is just spending time with family, playing games and eating. We got to celebrate this year with four new people - Kristin, Kayla, Avery and Alexis. That was special.

I've been wanting to do a gingerbread house with Kaleigh so I finally got one. She had fun but I think I had more fun!