Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My little Pirate
Every week Kaleigh and I go to storytime at the Benton libray and they read books, sing songs and make a craft. The theme this week was pirates so here is Kaleigh showing off her pirate hat. We also have been going to Little Lambs story time at church on Fridays and it is a lot of fun too.
On that same note, I really need some advice about K. I know this is going to sound horrible, but I've taken to shutting myself in a room for a few minutes just to get a little break from her or to do some cleaning, pay bills, whatever. She literally will not leave my side to play with her toys or anything. If I try to sit down, she's on top of me. The only way I can get a break is to turn on the TV for her and I hate to do that. It's not that I don't spend time with her, I do. I've tried giving her my undivided attention for a while, hoping she would be okay to play by herself for a while, but that doesn't work. My only idea is to have another child for her to play with, but my friend Ellen assures me that it may sound good in theory but in reality - not so much. Am I just looking at this all wrong? Any ideas?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Caught in the act...

Sunday after church we had some friends over and Kaleigh took advantage of our distraction to close herself in the study with a magic marker. She wrote all over some note cards, her legs, her hands, her mouth, the walls, and the door. We're not sure what she would have done next if Nathan hadn't found her! Luckily it was washable and everything came clean.

Also I wanted to mention that Kaleigh is now a big football fan. I think it started when she was with my family over labor day and my brother had her watching it. Saturday night we watched the LSU game (which they won 48 to 7, I might add) and she was so into it! Every time they scored she ran around with her hands in the air saying "touchdown, touchdown". When I had to put her to bed she kept asking to "watch football" over & over. It's really not surprising, considering that I was watching LSU play while she was born.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Branson Weekend

We just got back from a fun weekend trip with some wonderful friends. We all had a good time together on a ski trip earlier this year and decided to try a shorter trip together. Everyone else brought their kids, but Nathan and I decided to let Kaleigh stay with my parents. We figured 10 adults and 4 kids in one condo was plenty, and I selfishly wanted to do as much riding as possible at Silver Dollar City. All the kids were really good, though, even Ben! (just kidding, Ben).

It looks like my legs are cut off at the knee in this picture.

Look closely at the sign above Nathan's head... In the kids area at SDC they had this giant ball pen about 5 stories high where you can shoot these foam balls at each other or as I had fun doing - drop them on your friends heads.

This giant swing was the new ride at Silver Dollar City. It scared me worse than anything I've ever ridden, but it was fun. See if you can see Nitzia's face in this picture. She looks about how I felt when I rode.

The whole group - I'm hoping Kaleigh will not be mad at us when she's old enough to realize that we left her at home.