Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby Babble... Just an update on Kaleigh for our benefit and anyone else who cares - She turned 15 months recently and weighs 20 lbs and is almost 31 inches. The newest thing she is doing is starting to talk a little. Until about 2 weeks ago she was only saying 3 or 4 words but now it seems like she's starting to repeat a lot more of what we say (or try to anyway). The words she most commonly will say, in order of when she learned them are Dada, baby, bye-bye, Mama, Bear, Mimi, Mommy, Nana, Doggy, Fish, Poppa, Cookie, Ball, and hi or hey. The funniest is when she tries to say "belly button" and gives it about 5 extra syllables. It comes out something like "bizybotabutabotta". She is learning to point to body parts when we say them and the other day I asked if her uncle had a big mouth and she looked at him and opened her mouth real wide. She only has four teeth right now (top 2 middle and bottom 2 middle) but is getting a few more. She can empty a drawer in 5 minutes, the clothes basket in 4 minutes and her toy box in 2 minutes. Needless to say, our house has looked better, but it's never been quite so much fun!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas, Statton Style

We needed a Christmas picture for our card so Nathan's dad, Joe, did a little photo session for us. He took quite a few pictures, and these were some of our favorites, including the one we used. Joe did a really good job. I'm not sure why we haven't done this before... We had a very nice Christmas. I keep telling myself that next year it will be simpler and more peaceful, but that never works out. We do try to cram too much into a few days. Kaleigh was much more lively this year, but wasn't too sure what to make of the present-opening. I think she expected to hear "no-no" as she was tearing wrapping paper off of presents.
I got some nice gifts. My favorite was a portable DVD player from my parents. That will be really nice to have for our upcoming ski trip. Also, Nathan got me a Phillips Senseo one cup coffee maker and a book that I really like, with conversations starters for couples. Not that we NEED conversation starters, but it's fun to pull out at supper and learn things about each other. That was such a thoughtful gift that he picked out for me.
I think my favorite memory from this year will be my sister trying to recite The Night Before Christmas, cajun style. My dad has a little book with it all written out, but somehow Kelly turned it into a Jamacain, Asian mixture. I laugh every time I think about that.