Wednesday, August 27, 2014

 Back to School - The good, the bad and the unexpected...

Most of you know this year was a big milestone for our family in terms of school. My teeny tiny baby twins started kindergarten! Are you kidding me? But they aren't really teeny-tiny anymore. They have October birthdays so they are actually bigger than probably half the kids in their classes. Our school's policy is to separate twins and for now I feel that is best anyway.

We got off to a bit of a rough start when Alexis got sick and had to miss her first day of school. When I thought about things going wrong, that wasn't even something I'd imagined. I cried that morning I dropped Avery & Kaleigh off, just sad for Alexis, I think. But they have both settled in well. They are slow going in the morning and tired in the afternoon but overall better than I expected.

A little story on the being tired ... The twins love animals and since our bunny ran away we've been thinking about getting another pet. Well, one morning a former neighbor's cat showed up at our house and long story short it was decided that we would adopt the cat. When I got the girls from school I told them I had a surprise. I told them we were going to keep Belle. Avery was happy but Alexis burst into tears. When I asked why she was crying she would only say "I didn't want that to be the surprise!" Just, tired.

Avery had a friend in her class who she plays with lots and a very kind teacher. Alexis has a friend in her class also and her teacher is the mom of Kaleigh's best friend and she's as sweet as can be. She's just the teacher I wanted for Alexis, who tends to be moody & emotional at times and needs a loving touch.

The one thing I didn't expect - Avery comes home complaining that Alexis won't play with her on the playground! Alexis has apparently made a new friend in her class and now wants to ignore her sister. That makes me sad! I am glad for them to branch out but not at the expense of their relationship. I really hope & pray they will be close always.

Kaleigh is in 3rd grade, which sounds crazy to me. She still likes school and for the 3rd year in a row is in class with one of her best friends (daughter of above teacher). I've heard 3rd grade gets hard, so I'm a little nervous.

Not sure how our schedule is going to work when the homework gets going. It just doesn't seem like there will be any time in the evening. I've gotten into the routine of grabbing the backpack first thing and checking their folder, so I'm not taken by surprise late in the evening.

And as I posted on facebook, little Miss Emory is doing fine at home. She loves her sisters but she talks to me and "helps" out around the house, talk
s to her toys, talks to herself (noticing a pattern?) And now that it's just me & her we can go out more too and I have more time to play with her. So she's doing good so far. So, that's our life at the moment. Big changes possibly coming soon so stay tuned!

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